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Hi Everyone!!
My name is Claire and Welcome to My Navy Wife Life!

This is an informational blog about the things that us Navy wives face on a regular basis.  I spent 2 years at my husband's last command working as the Command Ombudsman and I discovered that while there are many different resources for Navy spouses, information can sometimes be very difficult to find.  I want this blog to be a place where this information is kept as current and clear as possible and serve as a one stop shop.  Please feel free to ask any question or suggest a topic for a future post!

This blog is not just for military spouses.  It doesn't matter if you are a servicemember's mom, girlfriend, boyfriend, 4th cousin twice removed, whatever!  Everyone is welcome!

Just a little about me:

My name is Claire.  I currently live in Southern Virginia with my husband while he is on recruiting duty.  We are originally from Dallas, TX.  We PCS'd to Virginia in January 2015 from San Diego after being there for 7 years.

My husband left for boot camp in March of 2007.  We were married in October 2009 after I graduated from the University of North Texas and moved to San Diego a few weeks later.  5 years later we moved to Virginia.  We have been together for boot camp, 2 A-Schools, 5 different commands, 3 deployments and oh so many duty days.  Any one else just despise those?

I left work at an insurance tracking firm to be a stay at home mom when our daughter Jordyn was born in the fall of 2014.  We just recently welcomed our second child Tucker in mid June 2016.

We bought our first home in San Diego in 2010 which we just recently sold after renting to another military family for a year.  We purchased our second home here in Central Virginia when we moved here for my husband to start recruiting duty.

Between the two kids and two very large dogs, our life is a 3 ring circus but we love every second of it!

Contact Us:

I do not accept friend requests on my personal social media accounts.  I have pages specifically for My Navy Wife Life.  Please see the social media icons in the upper right side of the blog.  Thanks!!


  1. This is very informative and it is great to have knowledge of resources available to us. Thank you for doing this. (:

  2. What happens if your just a girlfriend and wanting to know if my sailor is in River City? How do I go about finding information like this?

    1. Hi Viola,
      I would first start with contacting the command Ombudsman. They are usually wives who work closely with the command to be a liaison to the families. They often have Facebook pages or care lines that they update with that kind of info. If you email or message me on Facebook with the command name I can help you find her. You might also try his parents or whoever he may have listed as his deployment contact with the command/ombudsman and see if they have heard anything from him or the command.


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