We're Back!! For Real This Time...

Hi Everyone!

I promise we are back for reals this time!!!  Life has been extremely crazy lately and finding time to do posts with 2 small kids who are constantly tearing the house apart is difficult!

We have been going non stop lately.  We had our annual family trip with my family to Nashville, Tucker had his first birthday while we were there then had his second hand surgery 2 weeks later then his casts off 2 weeks after that.  His surgeon is in Philadelphia which is a 6 hour drive (one way) for us so just getting up there is a production.  Also, Beau got promoted by his command (up to a 1st Class Petty Officer) which we are very excited about!  The rate that he is currently has a very very low advancement rate via the advancement exams so he is very excited to be done with that!

Another thing that has been a big reason for our break in blogging here is that I was diagnosed with PostPartum Anxiety.  It started up in January, I was diagnosed in February and it took about 4 months to get my dosage of Zoloft correct but I am almost completely back to normal now and since we are finally done with Tucker's surgery, which will be his last until he is at least 7 years old and that one will be optional, I am bumping the blogs and YouTube back up the priority list!

So expect to be seeing us a lot more on here going forward!

Thanks for understanding!!!