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This is Tucker!

And anyone who don't know or who hasn't seen on our Review HQ blog, he was born with a congenital hand defect known as Syndactyly as well as a genetic index finger deformity.  Syndactyly is a condition where fingers or toes are conjoined.  In his case, his toes were not affected at all but his middle, ring and pinky fingers on both of his hands are fused together.  In his case, the bones at the tips of the fingers also appear to be fused.

We were not aware that he had this condition until he was born so as soon as we got home from the hospital we started doing research on the condition as well as specialists/surgeons. The pediatrician that saw him at the hospital gave us the information of an orthopedic surgeon who ran a local (adult) hand clinic however we decided that because surgeries were usually performed very young, we decided that we wanted to find a surgeon at a children's hospital.

We eventually found Dr Chang at the Children's Hospital in Philadelphia and decided to have a consult with him to see what we thought.  We have some family members who happens to live less than an hour outside of the city so we made the 6 hour drive up and stayed with them for a few days before our appointment which was the beginning of September.  They were also able to watch Jordyn for us so we didnt have to worry about taking her with us.

We liked Dr Chang and the hospital very much and ultimately decided to schedule the surgeries with him.  He took X Rays and after looking at them and at Tucker he said that he wanted to do two separate surgeries.  The first would be when he is 6 months old and that procedure would be to separate the ring and pinky fingers.  The second would be when he is 1 year old and that one will separate the ring and middle fingers.  His pinkies appear to be pulling his middle and ring fingers to the side and causing them to bend a little bit.  He said they usually don't do the surgeries to correct syndactyly until 1 year of age but because of the pinky fingers pulling the other fingers over, he wanted to go ahead and separate it so the other two could start to straighten before the next surgery.  They also couldn't do both at the same time because it would be too much trauma for the ring fingers as it would have to be cut on both sides.  He also said that more than likely both surgeries will require a skin graft.  The skin for the grafts will come from his lower abdomen/upper groin area and should be so small it wont even require stitches, just a bit of glue and shouldn't bother him at all.  He will also be in casts for 2 weeks.

So in total we will have to make 4 trips for surgeries and cast removals, plus the one we made for the consult.  We may have to have him seen every so often as he grows to make sure he isnt having any mobility issues and there is a chance that the skin could start to grow back up between his fingers as he grows and if that happens, then he would need a small surgery to cut that back.

As I mentioned before, he does also have a hereditary defect to his index fingers.  See the post over on the review blog for more details on that.  He wont have the option to have those looked at for possible corrective surgery until he is at least 7 according to Dr Chang so we aren't worrying about that until then.

I will be doing a post once on the insurance ins and outs (we are on Tricare Standard) once everything is said and done.  I've gotten some questions about how we are able to have the surgeries done at a civilian hospital as well as how much we are going to be paying out of pocket so once everything is done, I will do a detailed post with a breakdown of how we handled Tricare and exactly what we ended up paying out of pocket.

Tucker's first surgery is on December 28th so head on over to The Review HQ.com or The Review HQ social media for real time updates.

Tucker's Hands:

Tucker's Syndactyly Update:

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