Baby Update!

Hi Everyone!
So sorry for the lack of posts recently!

We are getting down to crunch time for baby #2 aka Little Dude.  As of tomorrow we are 4 weeks from his due date.  Over the last several weeks I've had a huge decrease in energy (although I'm blaming that partly on my crazy 20 month old...) and have been struggling to keep up with everything.  Fingers crossed he decides to come on out sooner rather than later!

We have also been crazy busy with selling our rental house in San Diego (post on that later), having our floors replaced for the 2nd time (improper install the 1st time), having our HVAC system replaced  at the same time, going on vacation for a week with the extended family and now scrambling around trying to clean up from all that and make sure we are ready for Little Dude!  For full details on our flooring debacle, check out our updates over at The Review HQ.

I hope to have some new posts up very soon and be sure to keep an eye out on our social media pages for updates on Little Dude when the time comes!

Thanks guys!!!

Still a Boy!!