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Today we are looking at the last uniform in our little mini series and that is the Physical Training or PT uniforms.  These are the uniforms that are worn for any command exercise as well as personal fitness on or off base if allowed by your specific command.

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This uniform is the same for men and women so I've only done one list.

Physical Training Uniform:

  • Yellow Navy Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Navy Shorts, Blue
  • Sneakers
  • White Athletic Socks
  • Underwear

Optional Items:
  • Ball Cap
  • Skull Cap
  • Long Sleeve Gold Navy Shirt
  • Navy Blue/Black compression shorts
  • Navy Sweat Pants
  • Navy Sweat Shirt

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Thanks Guys!

**Remember, these posts are just for us non-military family member's reference.  Your service member learned all of this and then some as part of boot camp but I've always found that it is helpful if I at least have a clue about what he is talking about.  We've also had many occasions where I've had to run uniform parts and pieces to him at work and it saves a lot of time (and headache on both sides) if he doesn't have to spend 10 minutes trying to explain what he needs.**


  1. Military Husband just brought home a brand new PT uniform tonight!


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