Hurricane Season 2015

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As the 2015 hurricane season gets underway and hurricane Joaquin moves towards the east coast, its time to make sure you and your family are prepared.

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Remember to keep yourself up to date by signing up for emergency alerts and keeping up with your local news agencies.  Don't let yourself be surprised.  Know what is going on and be prepared to respond accordingly.

The most important thing is the safety of your family (pets included!).  If the authorities recommend that you evacuate, do it.  Find an out of area family member or good friend that you can stay with or find a hotel if you don't have other options.  Many hotels will offer discounts for people having to evacuate and there are also the Navy Lodges at other bases out of the path of the hurricane.

Other things to do to prepare for a hurricane:

  • Call your insurance provider about what all is covered (natural disasters, flooding, etc)
  • Be prepared to secure any outdoor items that might fly around and cause damage and also be prepared to cover your windows if need be
  • Be alert and prepare to either evacuate if instructed or to hunker down.  Do not be out driving ahead of a hurricane unless it is an emergency. 
  • Be prepared to go without power for a long time after the storm passes.  Have plenty of water, non perishable food, toilet paper, dog food, candles, some cash, a full tank of gas in your cars, etc.
  • Have your family's emergency plans (both evacuation and bugging in plans) up to date and make sure everyone knows the plan well.

Remember, it is better to be too prepared, than to be under prepared.  Take the extra steps so you won't regret it later.

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Happy Planning!!

**Remember, I'm not a survival expert by any means.  I am simply reiterating information provided by experts**