How to Read an LES

Hi Everyone!
Today we are looking at service member's LESs!

LES stands for Leave and Earnings Statement.  Essentially, this is your servicemenber's pay stub.  These are accessible via the military's pay website called MyPay.  Talk to your service member about their login information and keep an eye out here for a MyPay tutorial.

So this is an example of what an LES looks like.  The important things to be able to find on an LES are pay, deductions, allotments, leave balance, tax withholdings and TSP information if your spouse has one.  TSP is a Roth IRA option we will discuss in another post.
Your servicemenber's LES can be accessed by logging into their MyPay account.

Pay is listed in the box titled entitlements.  This box lists a breakdown of pay types and amounts for the month.

Deductions are all listed in this box here.  These include things like any state and federal taxes, SGLI (Servicemember's Group Life Insurance), FGLI Fam/Spouse (Life insurance for service member's family) AFRH (Armed Forces Retirement Home deduction) and Mid-Month Pay if you've opted to be paid by monthly (they list that under deductions so it balances out for the month).

Any allotments are listed in this column here.  Allotments are payments that come out of your paycheck automatically.  These include things like Tricare Dental for the family (service member's is included in their medical), child support payments, insurance or even rent if you choose.  All of these can be set up on

Leave is listed in this section here.  BF Bal is brought forward leave balance, Ernd is earned days, Used is days used, CR BAL is the current leave balance.

The sections here are about any TSP or Roth plans that your service member is signed up for.

The last section on the LES is the remarks box.  This is where you will see things like general notices, as well as explanations of changes in pay, deductions and allotments.

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