Command Picnics/Summer Events

Hi Everyone!
Today we are talking Command Picnics/Summer parties!! Fun fun!

Command picnics are much more laid back and family friendly than the Christmas parties.  Most of these are outside, usually on base but can be in a local park or other area like that.  Many commands get things like bounce houses for the kids and dunk tanks and usually provide food of some kind.  Some charge per head, some do not, just depends on your command.  Many commands are also ok with you bringing any additional family members like parents, nieces, nephews, etc who are in town and would like to come.  Just have your service member check that this is ok before had and be sure to bring enough cash for them if your command does per head.

Photo by Commander US 7th Fleet

Its usually a good idea to bring a blanket, folding chairs, umbrellas and any outside toys like footballs, frisbees or even bubbles.  Sunscreen and bug spray is always a good idea.
If the command or division is small enough, these might take place at someone's house.  We are hosting the division for one in a few weeks for about 10 service members and a few family members.

Most of these events are for families and are earlier in the day than the Christmas party so alcohol is generally discouraged.  And unless the command specifically says so, these events are NOT BYOB.

Please remember to watch your topics of discussions and language around all the littles.  You're not just around the adults so keep it all G rated.

Just like we talked about in the christmas party post, remember this is a WORK function so take that into consideration when choosing your outfit.  Leave the booty shorts at home.  Also there may be different events to participate in like softball or frisbee so you might consider bringing appropriate shoes for that as well.

Most commands will send out an emailed invite with all the details to the service members so consult that for your command's specific details.

Enjoy those picnics!!
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