Tricare Prime: Primary Care Manager

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Today we are talking all about Tricare Prime's Primary Care Manager or PCMs.

PCMs are your primary/regular doctor.  Often a General Health doctor.  They will provide your routine care, most authorized urgent care (you should still go to the ER first if it is an emergency) and will write your referrals for any specialized care you need.

When you enroll in Prime, your PCM will be either a.) at a military clinic or hospital, b.) a civilian Tricare provider or c.) a primary care physician in the US Family Health plan.  It could be an individual doctor or a site (clinic or office).

If you live within an hour of a military hospital or clinic, you might be sent to that facility for your specialty care that your PCM writes you a referral for.  Basically when your PCM writes a referral, it goes to the local military facility first (assuming they have that specialty doctor or service) and if they have the room, you will go there first.  If they are full, then you will be referred to a local civilian specialist.

PCMS are required to provide you with 24/7 services.  They may have a designated on-call provider who can act on your PCM's behalf if they are not available.

To change your PCM, call your regional provider.

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