PCS Update #2!

We made it to Virginia!!!!

My husband and parents drove the final 2 days with the U-haul, our cars, cats and dogs. I flew with our baby to Charlotte, NC then took a connecting flight to Virginia.

We could not be happier to be here!  It was a long and stressful move and we are very relieved it is behind us.  While the move went off without a hitch, Murphy decided to throw us one big curve ball when one of our cats decided to eat over a foot of dental floss.  So less than 2 days after arriving here, we were forced to make a quick decision on a vet and get her into emergency surgery to remove it.  Long story short, she is doing just fine and we are now keeping all the dental floss under lock and key.

While we are working on unpacking, my husband is working on the paperwork for the reimbursement which I will be discussing in a later post once everything is completed.

Thank you all for following us on this PCS and stay tuned for future posts!