Cross Country PCS, Part 1: The Preparation!

Good Evening everyone!
As most of you know, my husband has accepted recruiting orders in Southern Virginia starting January 2014.  As we are currently living in San Diego, this means we are in for a cross country PCS.  Now, this is our first PCS (husband has been in San Diego since he completed A school in late 2007) so we are going to be learning as we go.
A little about this PCS.  We will be doing a DITY move with a 28 foot U-haul truck driven by my husband and/or my Dad, one pick up truck on a trailer being pulled by said U-haul and one mini van driven by myself and/or my Mom which will include one 4 month old baby, two cats and two large dogs.  Fun right?  We are originally from Dallas and we have some family who have not met our baby so we will be stopping there for a few days before heading onto Virginia.  The baby and I will be flying the first leg so we will meet up with them in Dallas then drive the rest of the way.  I will be blogging and updating Facebook as we go so be sure to check in to see how it goes!

What we have completed so far:
Purchased a new house via the internet (scary!!)
Found a renter for our San Diego house
Started selling and donating as much stuff as we can
Starting researching the area and finding things like new doctors, vet, grocery store, etc
Started packing non essentials

What we still need to do:
Minor repairs around the SD house
Change of address cards
Packing, packing and did I mention packing?
Schedule cleaners/ services for the SD house before the tenants move in
New carpet installed for tenants in SD house
Have fence installed in VA house
Set up utilities
Register dogs and cars
Update addresses for mail, magazines, banks, etc
Select a cable/internet/home security company
Set up mail forwarding with USPS

I will be doing a post on what all we learned during our PCS and hopefully give some pointers on things that worked and things that didn't and what we would do differently next time.

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