California Car Registration Savings

Big Savings Ahead!!!!!

For those of you who live in California, maintain residency in another state and own a car that is registered in California, listen up!

The PDF form found here is the REG 5045, Nonresident Military Exemption Form.  This form waives the Vehicle Licensing Fee on your registration and registration renewals every year.  Simply print this form, fill it out and mail it in with the registration form.  Make sure you fill the form out completely and adjust your payment to reflect the new amount after removing the Licensing Fee.

To give you an example of just how much savings we are talking about here, I have listed my registration amounts from 2014...

I renewed my 2013 Hyundai Sonata registration back in December and when I received the form in the mail from the DMV, the total was $240 for the year.  After filling out my 5045 form and waiving the Licensing Fee, my total for the year was $96.  Less than half the original total.  Sound worth it to you now?!?!?

Filling out the form: (Remember, the form should be filled out with your Service Members Info)
Branch of Service = Navy, Army....
Duty Station = Name of the Base
Unit = Name of Command
Telephone Number = Command Quarter Deck Number or General Command Number
State = State he/she is currently registered in outside of California
County = County the car is used in pimarily
Military ID Verified = For DMV use only, leave blank
Executed On, At (City), State = Today's Date, Current City and State
Bottom Section = Should be filled out and signed by your service member or whoever has POA if they are deployed.

*** Please remember that I am NOT an employee of the California DMV.  All of the information I have listed above is from my own personal experience with this form.  If you experience any issues, please contact your local DMV office for further instruction.***

Happy Savings!!!


  1. My active duty spouse is not listed on my car's title or registration. Am I as a military spouse able to get this fee waived?

    1. You should be able to yes. The second page of the PDF linked above is the same form but for spouses.


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