Government Shutdown Starts Today-What does that Mean for Us?

As well all know, the Government has shut down.  What does that mean for us??

What is Closed?
  •  Commissaries in the US will be closing October 2nd.  This includes the Commissaries in Hawaii and Alaska.  Today, October 1st, they will be open normal hours to try and sell off as much of their perishables as possible.
  • The Navy Exchanges will NOT be affected by the shutdown.  All  NEX stores and gas stations will be open.
  • People who use providers in the private sector (Civilian doctors) will notice little to no dissruption
  • People who use on base providers, may experience delays.  Please call to confirm any existing appointments and expect delays when trying to schedule new appointments.
  • For any questions, please contact your regional providers (i.e. United Health, Humana)
Other Programs:
  • WIC
    • WIC is a government program but it is state managed.  Most states have enough money to keep the program open for a few weeks.
  • DODEA Schools
    • They are exempt and will remain open
  •  CDC
    • Will remain open however SAC not attached to a CDC may close.  Call your specific location for further details.
  • Fleet and Family 
    • Depends on the location.  Call your location for further details.
  • Military OneSource
    • Will remain open
  • Death Benifiets
    • If a service member dies during a lapse in funding, the death benefit will be delayed.
  • Take a look at this article from the Washington Post in regards to what non-military programs will be affected.

Tips for not blowing your budget on groceries while the Commissary is closed:
  • Shop the sale circular.  Try and plan your meals around what is on sale at the local grocery stores that week.  If grapes are on sale, then put grapes in your lunches.  If turkey is on special, then have turkey a few times that week.  Remember that most local grocery stores run their sales from Wednesday-Tuesday.
  • Eat what you have.  Clean out your pantry and freezer and try and make do with what you already have.  Search Google for websites that allow you to put in what ingredients you have and it suggests different recipes.
  • Check for coupons.  Many stores have store specifc coupons and even some on their generic products.
  • Buy generic if possible.
  • Consider trading items with a friend or neighbor if possible.