Care Packages 101


Hi Everyone!
Here are my tips and tricks for care packages!  If you have any tips, please leave them in the comments or on the Facebook page!

What you will need:
  1. Box (I prefer the military flat rate USPS boxes)
  2. Clear packing tape
  3. Shipping Label
  4. Customs Form
  5. Zip Top Bags
  6. Goodies, Snacks, Magazines, Etc
Assemble your Goodies
My husband emails me any time he comes up with something that he wants in his next box.  I keep an open box in the office and put things in it as I buy them.  Once the box is full, I pack it up.  He usually asks for things like shampoo, body wash, different snacks, Navy Times newspapers, magazines, DVDs, etc.

What not to include:
Anything that melts
Anything obscene or inappropriate
Anything that will spoil before it gets there
Ask before sending anything with pork or pork by products

Pack your Box
The most important thing about packing your box is to make sure that it is packed as tightly as you can get it.  My husband is obsessed with Black Forest gummies so I use the little snack packs to fill in any gaps in the box.  This helps keep anything from breaking.  Because I pack my boxes so tight, they are often heavy so I tape up the entire outside of the box with clear packing tape to help keep the box hold up especially if it were to get wet.
I also pack everything that is not already packaged inside zip top bags.  This keeps them protected in case the box does get wet and it is also good to keep sand out if you are sending a box to someone in the Middle East.  Its also a good idea to help keep anything from leaking out of the box.  Its is also a good idea to include a piece of paper or a note card with his name and the name of the ship inside the box.  If the packing label gets wet and cannot be read, the box may be opened to try and determine who it belongs to. 

Labels and Forms
You will need a shipping label and a customs form to send your box.  Our closest post office is out of the way for me so I do everything online.  USPS has a great website that allows you to buy and print your postage label and customs form online.  You can also order customs forms and form holders online for free.  The form holders are little clear plastic sticky envelopes that the customs forms must be placed in then stuck to the side of the box.  These are also available at the post office.  The best part about USPS online is you can request front door pick up of your box.  Just submit the request and the postman will pick up your box from your doorstep for free.
**Cover the entire shipping label with clear packing tape to prevent the ink from running if the label were to get wet**