River City

Happy Saturday!

River City is a military term for a command's communications being down.  Meaning Skype, email, internet access and phone calls.  This can happen for many different reasons.  Usually its because something is happening that the command does not want anyone outside of the command to know about.  For example, my husband's ship is currently involved in the ongoing Syria crisis.  While the Defense Department was making the decision about whether or not to send them to the Red Sea, they cut communications from the ship.  We have also had them cut off for something as simple as someone posted something regarding the ships location on Facebook.  The decision to cut communications is not one that commands take lightly.  Just because you don't know what the reason is, doesn't mean its not a good one.

Most of the time when they are in River City, the ship can receive and view emails, just not reply to them or make phone calls.
Bear this in mind.  Freaking out and emailing something to the effect of "why aren't you answering me," and so on is NOT helpful in any way.  There is nothing your sailor can do to make them come back on.  The best thing to do is to carry on like nothing is wrong.  Just continue sending emails like you normally would.  And before you know it, your inbox will be full of emails.

Most of the time, a command's Ombudsman or FRG will send out an email or an update on Facebook when the ship goes into River City.  And if you are not sure, ask them.  Most of the time, the commands leadership still have access to their email so the Ombudsman is usually alerted.  Also, if you have an emergency and you need to make sure your sailor is alerted while the ship is in River City, call your Ombudsman for that too.  She and the leadership have a plan in place for just this scenario.

All the way around, River City sucks.  But as much as it sucks, its over before you know it.