Possible Government Shutdown...Again

Morning y'all!

Once again, we are faced with the possibility of a government shutdown and with that comes the threat of a the military not receiving pay on October 15th. 

The best advise that I can give is to be proactive and DO NOT PANIC.  Now I know that this is much easier said than done when its your family's money that is being threatened but panicking will not make the situation better.  Instead, use that energy in ways that are productive.  Sit down and take a hard look at all of your finances for the next two months and see what can be done to have as much cash on hand for October and November as possible.  Can child #1's dental check up be rescheduled for December?  Can you go another month without a haircut?  Skip eating out or going to the movies?  Anything that you have been wanting to sell on Ebay or Craigslist?  Think short term solution to a short term problem.

Now assuming they do come to some sort of short term agreement and the October 15th paychecks go out as normal, there will be a risk of this being an issue again in the future.  Take time now to start working on building your family's emergency savings.  Even if it is just $5 here and there, it will build up over time and be waiting if you actually need it next time.

Military Spouse.com put out a very detailed article yesterday with answers to many of the questions we have regarding this latest threat of a government shutdown and the possibility of no military paycheck come October 15th.  Please take some time to read through it and ask any questions you have.  Spousebuzz.com is also a great resource for answers.

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