Commissary Basics

Hi All!

The Commissary is the base grocery store.  It is just like regular grocery stores like Albertsons or Kroger except it is located on base.The commissaries are powered by the Defense Commissary Agency, also known as DeCA.  DeCA was established in 1990 but the Commissaries have been around since the early 1840's.  DeCA manages all Commissaries across all military branches. 

Products at the Commissaries are sold at cost which allows a savings of more than 30% compared to local civilian grocery stores.  While it is also tax free, there is a 5% surcharge.  This charge is to pay for new stores as well as renovations of existing stores.  Also, most commissaries have baggers that work for tips only.  They will bag your groceries and offer to help you to your car.

And to answer the most asked questions about the Commissary, YES THEY ACCEPT COUPONS and YES THEY DO SPECIAL SALES!! Yay!  Commissaries accept manufacture's and military coupons.  However, there are a few rules:
  1. The commissary will give you the full value of the coupon regardless of how much the item costs (this means they allow overages like Walmart does) assuming the wording on the coupon does not prohibit it.
  2. If your "overage" exceeds the balance you owe, you will receive cash back if the amount is under $24.99 or a gift card if over $25.
  3. One coupon per item.  There is no stacking of coupons even if one is a military coupon and one is a manufacturer coupon.
  4. The wording on the coupon must be followed.
  5. The coupon must not be expired.
  6. They do accept printed coupons.
 DeCA recently came out with a Commissary Rewards Card.

This is a coupon card, not a rewards card.  It is free to sign up and can be done in the store.  Once you receive your card, go to the Commissary Website and register your card.  You can then use the website and/or their new app to load coupons from the website onto the card.  You then present the card at check out to have the coupons applied.

Case Lot Sales normally happen twice a year in May and September of every year.  The dates for each Commissary are different so check with your Commissary for their dates.

**Some of the Case Lot Sales have been cancelled due to budget cuts.  Check with your local Commissary for further information**

***Please note that most Commissaries are now closed on Mondays due to budget cuts***